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What is Combat Archery League?

It is like any other sports league that runs over a duration between 10 weeks. There will be set teams, and the teams will play against each other every week - accumulating points for wins By the season, the last week, the teams will be ranked according to number of points and a finals bracket will be drawn for Championship Matches.

At Archers Arena, we aim to build a brand new community of Combative Archers that wants to take the sport to a more competitive level. Our Combat Archery League will bring out the best of Marksmanship, Sportsmanship, and Leadership of a team.

LEAGUE OPEN HOUSE September 5th 2018
TIME: Every Wednesdays 6:30PM - 930PM
DURATION:  9-10 Weeks Every Wednesday September 12th 2018 to Nov 21 2018
TEAMS: 8 Teams (6 players per game, 8 people/team, atleast 2 girls or 2 teenagers under 16)
PRICE: $150/person individuals
$112/person teams of 8

Bow: Archers Arena Standard 22lb at 28' Draw Recurve Bow 52' Length

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