1.     Do I need to book before coming in or can I walk in and pay to participate? 

We recommend booking online to reserve your time slot for participation.  We do allow walk-ins if there are available game slots, call ahead as we may not be onsite if there are no bookings.

2.     Is there an age restriction?

The recommended age is 10 and up. We allow  as young as 8 but its actually more of a strength limitiation as kids need to be able to pull the bow string. We require a waiver and chaperone supervision for anyone 16 and under.   

3.     Is this an indoor activity?

Yes, Combat Archery will be played in our indoor facility on two different playing fields. We have 28 game mode and playing styles.

4.     How long is each session?

Session time varies depending on service. Combat Archery is 90 minutes long, which includes 30 minutes of instruction and target training followed by 60 minutes game time. Each round of Combat Archery will last approximately 10 minutes depending on the game mode.

5.     What should I wear?

We recommend Archers to wear comfortable clothing during gameplay.  T-shirts, shorts or workout attire are all great!  Please be prepared to bring a clean pair of running shoes,  as boots and heels are not permitted for gameplay. We may as you to go barefoot or in your socks.

6.     Can I bring my own equipment?

All players are REQUIRED to use the bows and arrows provided by Archers Arena to play combat archery. You may use your own equipment on the range after we inspect it.

7.     Can I bring my own camera to videotape or take photos?
Yes, but Archers Arena will not be held liable for any damaged or stolen personal items. Archers Arena will also have GoPro cameras for rental for video recording purposes, just bring your own USB/Flash drive or MICRO-SD card.

8.     Do you clean the facemasks?
Yes! Each mask is disinfected before and after each use for hygienic purposes. Players may purchase their own Archers Arena mask, or bring their own to the arena.

9.     What are the draw weight and length of the bow?
The draw weight is 22-29lbs and the draw length is 29 inches.

10.  How fast does the arrow travel?

A standard paint-ball goes around 280 feet per second.  Our arrows only goes up to 90 feet per second.  You are safe!

11.  Are there lockers?

We have complimentary, first come first serve lockers for your personal belongings.  We are not liable for lost and misplaced items, please bring your own lock.

12.  What if I don’t have any archery experience?

No archery experience is required.  You will be briefed and provided with a 30 minute target training session in our target range zone.

13.  What is the cancellation policy?

We offer 100% refund for bookings cancelled before 6 days of reserved session.
Any bookings under 6 days we provide store credit for one future session, no-shows/cancellations within 24 hours of booking will not be refunded. Incase of promotional bookings, the promotion may because invalid or will be pro-rated based on cancellations.

14.  I would like to have a private event. Can you accommodate? 

Thinking of hosting your own birthday parties, corporate events or any special event? Please contact us to find out more about our corporate package at or call us at (647)-99-ARENA.


My question is not listed here. Who should I contact?
Please feel free to contact us by email at or call us at (647)-99-ARENA.