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Archery Lessons in Toronto

Looking for archery lessons in Toronto? You’ve come to the right place! Archery is one of the world’s oldest and most widespread forms of combat sports. Used mostly for recreational entertainment, sport, and even exercise, archery is still a thriving art that people of all ages want to get involved in. The discipline and strength needed to hit a target, the social aspects of spending the day with a group practicing a fun sport, and the cultural benefits of learning this important craft are just a few of the reasons that people take up a bow.

Our archery lessons in Toronto are provided by experienced trainers with a minimum of 3 years experience with a bow and arrow, meaning that you will get expert hands-on instruction from the best archers in the world.

Our Archery Arena

At Archer’s Arena, we are a fully-equipped range that provides all of the necessary equipment to you right on site.  Your lessons will include direct training from our expert archers and marksmen, and from there you will be given free rein to practice your shooting individually on targets. We use 22-29lbs bows and padded arrows, so nobody is in any danger. You will quickly see why this game has become so widely popular in Toronto.

Archery Lessons Pricing

We do everything we can to provide you with a great time and top notch instruction at an affordable rate.

Our basic archery lessons are $40, and include:

·         30 minutes of training from our experts

·         30 minutes of practice at the shooting range

We honor loyal customers so if you return, then subsequent shooting range training will only be $20 per hour. If approved by our instructors and staff, you may use your own equipment if you wish.

We offer lessons with Foam Tip arrows

Foam Tip Lessons: