Bubble Soccer in Toronto

Bubble Soccer Toronto

(ONLY $31.25/PP)

Up To 8 Players

1 Hr of Fun

15 Min Safety Instructions
55 Min Bubble Games

4 Bubbles

Tournament Game Mode

$75 - 1 Hr Party Space After Game

Book Up to 12 People ($25/pp over 8)

***BEST $ Per Person***

(ONLY 25/PP)

Up To 16 Players

2 Hrs of Fun

5 Min Safety Instructions
55 Min Bubble Games

8 Bubbles

Tournament Game Mode

FREE 1 Hr Party Space After Game

Book Up to 20 People ($25/pp over 15)


(ONLY $22.5/PP)

Up To 32 Players

2 Hrs of Fun

5 Min Safety Instructions
55 Min Bubble Games

16 Bubbles

Tournament Game Mode

FREE 1 Hr Party Space After Game

Book Up to 40 People ($22.5/pp over 32)

***BEST $ Per Person***


Call 6479927362 to book

  • Fully Air-Conditioned Arena

  • TPU Bubbles (Softer and Lighter)

  • Top Coaches

  • 20+ Game modes

  • 3 Bubble Suit Sizes

  • Elevated Viewing Area

  • Black Light Parties

  • 10000 SQFT Arena

  • Cleaned After Every Use

Bubble Soccer Game Modes

1. Bubble Soccer President

Split your players into 2 teams. A player from Team 1 will be selected as secret President whereas the rest of the members will act as the secret service. As secret service, you need to protect your team’s President as you move to the other end of the court to knock over your opponent’s president. Play offence or defense, this is a game where offence might just be the BEST defense.

2. Bubble Soccer Attack and Defend

The defending team stand inside the safe zone lines, while the attacking team flanks from both sides. When the whistle blows, players from attacking team will come running and bumping into each other. This is a time attack game, if the attacking knocks over all the defending team players the game is over. Attacking team can re-spawn at the wall.

3. Bubble Soccer Classic

The most classic and traditional game of all time is the Bubble Bump Soccer. It is played exactly like soccer except that no one plays any position. There will not be a goalkeeper in place too. The soccer ball will start in the middle of the pitch and players will start running and kicking when the whistle blows. Note that you are going to get bumped by your opponents for sure. It is easy to run and kick the ball but the challenge comes when you are in your Bubble soccer suit. This game really tests your multi-tasking skills – kicking the ball and looking ahead as you try not to get bumped by anyone.

4. Bubble Soccer Free For All

The match will kick off with a blow from the whistle made by the referee or facilitator. In this game, you need to save yourself, you are all alone, make alliances but be the first to break them. Here’s why: If you are the first to get bumped, you are out of the game. Then your life in the game would be so short lived and you have to sit on the sideline. Waiting can be boring. Try defending yourself as much. The last Bubble player standing wins the game!

5. Bubble Soccer Octopus

This one is a classic like the childhood elementary school game. One person among the players would need to “it” himself or herself to stand in the middle of the court. The rest of the players will separate themselves into lining up at 2 sides of the court. As soon as the coach blows the horn, everyone on the sideline must run to the opposite side. The middleman is supposed to bump as many people possible while they run across. Those who got bumped will join the octopus as seaweed and they will continue bumping until there’s only 1 left on the court.

6. Bubble Soccer Tag/Zombies

Like the Childhood game, one player is it, and can tag someone else when they knocked down, alternatively, you can play zombies where as players get knocked down they also become “it” and its the last one that survive wins.

7. Bubble Soccer Coliseum

Each faction sends their best in a series of gladiator bubble soccer matches. They are tasked with knocking each other down. There will be 2 players in their Bubble soccer suits standing in a huge ring. The whistle blows off and the 2 players will run into each other and hence, get bumped. But the game is not as simple as that. You have to try to bump your opponent out of the ring!

8. Pressure

Teams have a equal length path to pass, the only one in their way is the enemy, players duel on a 1 vs 1 setting, the goal is to reach the enemy base at the end of the path, if a player is defeated, their next teammate in line heads down the path to meet the previous victor. Only the standing player of the 1 vs 1 can continue to advance.

9. Bubble Soccer Bowling

If there is one thing that you need to know about this game, it would be to be brace yourself! One lucky person would be the bowling bowl. The rest of the team members will get into formation and act as the pins. Here’s a tip: a 5 pin formation works the best! The bowling bowl will have to run at full speed towards the pins and bump everyone down. However, you’ve only got 2 tries at this. Go hard or go home!