March Break Kids Camp! (and hiring)

Hello and happy New Year friends!

Well time seems to be flying by and I have no idea where it’s gone but soon it will be March and we have our kid’s camp opening back up for business! The famous kid’s camp has kids ranging from 7-15 playing games like soccer, board games, dodgeball, bubble soccer, LARPing, VR station, Nerf wars and Archery tag.

The Archers Arena kid’s camp has been an awesome experience for kids time and time again seeing as how we have a lot of repeat guests. It has also been an awesome opportunity for kids to meet new friends. Although we are known for Archery dodgeball and Nerf parties, we have a multitude of other games that the kids love to play.

Our March break camp always fills up fast so make sure to call ahead and reserve a spot for March 14th and 15th (Thursday and Friday). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 289-992-7362.

On a complete different note, we are also hiring! Want to learn Archery, lead groups and have a dynamic job that’s flexible with your schedule? Well this could be for you. Archers Arena is always looking for talent, specifically someone who knows how to talk. Communication skills are always a huge benefit as you’ll be talking with guests for most of your working day.

Our selection process is unique as we ask that you send us a short video through Instagram explaining why you think you would be a good fit for Archers Arena. This will give us a little insight on who you are! If we feel the fit is right, we will contact you from there.

Archers Arena has been such a positive work experience for myself and I couldn’t recommend it enough for those who want to flex or develop communication and group teaching skills

Mr. Aimazing (Kyle)