Boxing Day Kids Camp!

Archers Arena is doing a one-day kid’s camp December 26th from 10am – 4pm to give parents a golden opportunity to get out and take advantage of those Boxing Day sales!

For those of you who don’t know about our kid’s camp, we generally facilitate kid’s camps for most of the summer for kids between 8 and 14 years old and during that time we run a bunch of fun activities.  The most famous games we play are the archery games and nerf wars (what we’re known for) but some of the other great activities we play are bubble soccer, LARPing, Board games, Hide and seek (with a special twist) and lobby games! It turns into quite the experience and we have a lot of repeat campers. 


Archery dodgeball is the game that archers arena was built on, however, over the years we successfully evolved Nerf Wars was born.  The Nerf wars is similar to battle archery in the sense that both activities use our massive courts to facilitate the game but the big difference between Battle Archery and Nerf wars is the weaponry.  Archery games use the standard bow and arrow while Nerf wars uses our arsenal of nerf guns ranging from pistols to full-automatics. After Archer’s arena incorporated Nerf wars, kid’s camp was even more exciting to join because of how engaging and pop-cultured the game is.


Our qualified coaches are the heart and soul of what makes the camp so enjoyable.  Generally we will always have at least 2 coaches that help direct, teach and coach the kids through the various games but maybe more if there is a big turnout.  The Itinerary of a typical kid’s camp goes something like this.


10am-1030am: meet & greet/camp adequate/icebreaker games

1030am – 12pm: Archery tag or Nerf wars

12pm – 1pm: Hide&seek/board games/miscellaneous games (low energy to let food settle)

1pm – 230pm: Archery tag or Nerf wars

230pm – 330pm: LARPing or Bubble soccer

330pm-4pm: cool-down games (board games/lobby games)


As you can see, there’s a lot of activities to put in a 6 hour window but that’s what makes it so great. There’s very little downtime so if the kids aren’t running around using their muscles, their using their minds trying to complete puzzles and strategize. Our kid’s camps book up fast so we always suggest booking early to secure a spot.  If you have any questions about our program or want more information than feel free to give us a call!