Tournament time

What’s up fellow archers! It’s time to start the New Year off with a bang.  Everyone likes tests of skill, discipline and strength but few enjoy at more than I do and once in a while, we get to put our skills to the test with archery tournaments!

There’s nothing like the feeling of suiting up with your squad and competing.  Whether its hockey or mystery rooms, adversity and challenge brings people together (just as easily as it tears people apart) but when the right people get together, it creates a unique bond.  Tournaments help with that. Plus, who doesn’t want trophies?

In the last week of February, Ottawas archery games is hosting an archery battle tournament.  Montreal and Toronto will be joining the event to attempt to bury each other in a flurry of arrows to reign supreme.  Teams consist of 8 players (or 10 with 2 subs) and face off against each other in various different games to see

Which team consistently comes out victorious.  Some of the game modes include adding or removing bunkers, adding “fireballs” (dodgeballs that are thrown and eliminate on contact) or players manually placing the teams bunkers themselves.

Tournaments are some of the most enjoyable things among the archery tag community.  Showing up to support the sport is plenty enough but showing up with a competitive team is loads of joy. If you enjoy the sport and come out to community night than this will be the next level to take your game and an excellent way to judge your current skill and the skills of others.  It will also give current members the chance to play against some fresh opponents.

It’s not often that we can run specific training regimens and play together under the same banner so it’s an exciting time for those who enjoy the sport. If you haven’t yet, than come out to our community nights every Tuesday and Friday night starting at 730 – 10 and check out some of the archery training we do to prep ourselves for tournaments!

We will see you in the arena.