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March break is coming.....

Hello and happy belated family day!

With Valentines day coming to an end, its time to look forward to our next holiday and the next one is a doozie. Yea thats right, im talking about march break. March break is a big one because its a week long and everyones looking to squeeze in some fresh new experiences with friends and family and what better reason to try Archery dodgeball or Nerf Wars. Now with everyone so busy with march break, its an awesome opportunity to get the young kids to try something new as well. One of the big time opportunities we provide for kidsto try is o ur kids camp. Our kids camp is a golden opportunity for kids to engage in fun, new activities while meeting some new friends while they do it. Some of our games are Archery Tag, Nerf Wars, Dodgeball, Hide and Seek (unbelievably popular), VR games, boardgames, and a pizza lunch (or bring your own lunch). By the end of the day, the kids will have fun stories to tell and sleep like babies that night from all the physical activity. For the busy parents on march break, this is an awesome opportunity to drop the kids off for the day while they go about their errands for the day or week. To give an example of how popular our kids camp days are, this past family day had 30+excited kids ready to go and tackle the day guided by our coaches who are the real backbone of our kids camps. So far, our schedule dates for march break kids camp are the 11th (monday), the 13th (wednesday), and the 15th (friday). If ive learned anything, its fast if you have any questions and reserve a spot because of how quick these spots fill up. If you book consecutive days for your child, some nice discounts begin to apply and I can guarantee they will be wanting to comeback! for those of you who want a rough outline of the day, it usually goes a little something like this. 10am start 10-1030: icebreaker games (introduce each other and lay ground rules) 1030 - 12: Archery tag or Nerf Wars 12 - 1245: Lunch time 1245 - 2: Miscellaneous, Low energy activity to let food settle (Hide&seek, Board games ect.) 2-330: Archery tag or nerf wars (whatever wasn’t done in the morning) 330-4: Cool down games (dodgeball, bubble soccer, LARPing ect) 4pm end thats a rough itinerary of a kids camp day but our excellent coaching have wiggle room how they would like to plan their days according to how much of the kids like certain activities. I have found that LARPing (Live Action Role Play) is a love or hate relationship for most. Thats it for this week fellow archers and nerf soldiers. March break is coming (insert Ed Stark photo)