P.A. Day camps at Arena!

Archers Arena does camps! Who knew? Well quite a few people actually.  We’ve had Kids from Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Brantford, Scarborough, Markham come all that way to join are camps which is a fantastic compliment!  On top of all that, our repeat customer ratio is outstanding so what is it that has these kids coming back for more and more? Let me dive into it.


Well to start off, we have very passionate and enthusiastic coaches.  The games and activities that are hosted through our awesome team would only be sub-par if it wasn’t for their infectious energy (even early in the morning).  On top of that, the first thing our coaches talk about with the kids is our zero tolerance to bullying.  Everyone is here to have a good time!


Our kids program starts at 10am (9am for an early drop-off) and ends at 5pm.  Our coaches bring the kids through what we like to call “the icebreakers” which is simply peeling off the shyness anyone might have!  We all introduce ourselves and play a few games to remember everyone’s name, then we’re off to the races.


Generally, after our icebreakers and warm-up games, we get the kids through one “Big activity” before we break for lunch at 12.  Every camp day, we like to provide the option of a pizza lunch for our campers at an extra charge of $5/camper (2 slices of pepperoni or cheese pizza and a drink).


During lunch time, we get everyone to wash their hands and grab their lunch (if they have one) and meet up in the party room.  After everyone is all set up, we generally like to play a movie for everyone to watch while we eat and after about 30 minutes, we’re back at it.  To let all the food settle before we start running around again, we like to start up slow with our famous “hide and seek” where almost the entire facility is at the kids disposal.  Lights are dimmed, our spotlights are turned on and 1-2 seekers try to find the hiders (our coaches know some really good spots) and seekers rally up points on who they find!


After our after-lunch game, the day is decided by our coaches with input from the activities the kids prefer.  A day at camp is never the same with so many possibilities so each day is customized to make sure everyone gets time doing what they want! A list of our activities include (but aren’t limited to)

·         Archery tag

·         Nerf Wars

·         Hide and seek (unbelievably popular)

·         Bubble soccer

·         VR (Virtual Reality)

·         Ultimate Frisbee

·         LARPing (live action role-play)

·         Dodgeball

·         Assorted Board games

·         New release movies

·         A bunch more!


The camps have been so popular that we’re opening them up to P.A. days when they come around so if you’d like to sign up your child, give us a call in advance to join a “wait list” and once the minimum of 10 kids have been reached, we’ll launch the camp day!


I personally love facilitating the kid’s camps and I can’t wait to make a bunch more unforgettable days.