The League of extraordinary archers

Battle Archery, the greatest sport you’ve never heard of.  Perhaps you have heard of it or better yet, experienced it but what makes the sport of Archery dodge-ball so enticing and captivating to its audience? Well to be honest, there are many things but the common denominator that everyone seems to enjoy most is League.

Now let’s dive into what exactly is league? League is the heart of battle archery.  League is the community that pumps its enthusiasm through the sport and energizes all that we do.  Through weekly meetups with a team of 6-8 people (only 6 will be representing your team at any given time) you play other teams of 6 archers with the same skill level and achieve a ranking and finally play in a “play-off” at the end of the quarter (season).  Meeting new people and potential friends as an adult is tough for most of us, really tough, but how easy is it to go out, exercise and do something fun while meeting new people that have the same interest as you? It’s in that essence what fuels the league at archer’s arena. 

How does the league work? Well every single Wednesday we have all our league teams come to the arena and face off against a specific team in a specific game mode for that week.  The game mode will be released the week prior so teams have a chance to strategize and practice for their upcoming match.  Depending on the teams we have, we play a best of 3 or 5 and record the victories of the teams who played that day and at the end of the season, we have a climactic play-off where everyone brings their A-game.

The beauty of our archery dodge-ball league is that it’s accessible to everyone and caters to beginners. I personally like to think of battle archery League as “beer league” baseball where the only thing you need to bring is a good attitude and the willingness to play (running shoes, shorts and t-shirt will help).

For those of you wanting to take your battle archery game a little more seriously, “community night” (Tuesdays and Fridays) are made available to those in League at a discounted rate! Community night is the perfect place to hone skills and learn new tricks as it is where the regular archers and coaches come to play.

We’ll see you in League!