Games of the Arena

Here at the Arena, you don’t NEED to “pay tribute” to be armed with a bow & arrow and shown how to eliminate your competition.  What a time to be alive!

Welcome back fellow arrows-slingers!  Today I have the privilege to talk to you about some (and I mean only SOME) of the archery games we have here at Archers Arena.  We have an archery game for everything! Teamwork, strategy, precision, cardio and fun themed games.


Towers:  Build a tower with foam bricks and keep it self-standing for X-seconds to score points for your team!  Defend it after you build it because your opponents want to strike it down.

Servants Court:  Get struck by an arrow and be turned into a servant for your team! Head to the back wall and collect arrows for your team.  Catch an arrow or wait until a team member strikes a dodge-ball revive to get servants back into the game!

Suicide:  Knock out all the enemy dodgeballs from their target board to win! Catch is you must stand on the frontline completely exposed to shoot out dodgeballs. An archery game that rewards fitness  

President:  Secretly elect a president for your team and defend your president with your life! If your president dies, your team loses.

Paladin:  Armed with a sword & shield, you are your team’s healer!  Each Paladin has X-lives. Call your Paladin to come heal you after your shot but protect your Paladin because if they are eliminated, your team stays eliminated.

Kings Court:  Arrow kills send opponents to your prison! Eliminate all the opponents to win but be weary because your opponents can rescue their teammates by prisoners catching a teammate’s arrow.

Pandemonium:  Use a steady hand and sharp eye to strike your opponents sniper target! Be warned, the target is harder to hit than it looks

Team Deathmatch: Each kill you score minuses a point from the enemy team! Score more kills as a team than your opponent’s team.

Elimination:  This Competitive game mode has teams simply eliminate each other one by one. Revive eliminated teammates by knocking out target board dodgeballs.  


The archery games in the Arena are ever-evolving and ever-expanding to make the sport that much more enjoyable!  If you want to play a game you’ve seen, read or heard about, don’t hesitate to ask our coaches to facilitate it for you!

Until next time, may the wind always back your arrows

Mr. Aimazing (Kyle)