The most wonderful time of the year! (no, not christmas)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas but it’s just as magical. The best archers from all over Canada get together to square off against each other in a 6v6 tournament bonanza and that’s what this week’s article is all about! Best part is, it’s happening this year at Archers Arena August 26th!

Bows and arrows aren’t that common anymore and the only time we ever see them used are generally with target shooting (Olympic style) or hunting but during this special time of the year, you get to see and surround yourself with the best arrow-slinging warriors Canada has to offer. Yes, they exist.

This archery is different.  This archery requires speed and mobility, strategy and cunning. This kind of archery rewards quick minds and quicker feet.  This kind of archery is the same archery that built or destroyed empires and won wars. I know it’s hard to imagine but these are the men and women that turn the beautiful art of archery into its deadliest form.

What kind of competitive level do this men and women bring? Well it’s hard to describe since we don’t get to see bows used like this too often but it’s high. Very high. These competitors are shooting 10 arrows in less than 15 seconds, holding 5+ arrows without a quiver and picking up an arrow mid-run and firing it before their back foot lands to change direction. These fighters are also snatching arrows mid-flight shot from 29lb bows and dodging (more like dancing) around volleys of enemy arrows.  It’s an exciting time as a player and spectator alike because it’s so easy to recognize the level of skill and if you’re a fan of the sport, surround yourself around those like-minded.

This year is going to be either 6 or 8 teams that face off against each other and even if you’re new to the sport, we encourage people to come watch or play.  It’s an opportunity to see or play against some of our coaches and most regular customers to put your skill to the test and if you’ve ever played a game of archery tag, will have a much deeper appreciation for the speed and skill of the players.

The tournament games are simple elimination matches with players having ONE life each and having 1.5x the number of arrows for each player (18 arrows total). Teams play in BOTH courts (1 bigger, 1 smaller) and some games have players start with arrows while others have players sprint to the middle. Don’t miss your chance and come play or watch the best archers in Canada.