Robin Hood is back baby!

Robin Hood fans rejoice! The new Robin Hood movie comes out Nov. 21st and wow does it look good.  Today, I have the pleasure of doing an in-depth review of this movie, Lars Anderson and of course, Saracen Archery.


First off stealing from the rich and giving to the poor is a temporary solution to a much bigger problem and is a classic example of “give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime”.  Too bad robin hoods philosophy wasn’t as sharp as his aim (that’s just my thoughts) but that’s not stopping Robin from kicking down doors and fist feeding the scumbag government a fistful of arrows!  The king himself Lars Anderson joined the set of Robin Hood and aided Taron Egerton through his intense archery training and even taught the actor “Saracen Archery”.  Saracen archery for those who don’t know is an archery style devoted to speed shooting. The English translation of the “Mameluke” states that for a Saracen Archer to be “fast enough” they must be able to shoot 3 arrows in 1.5 seconds (as determined by various calculations). Needless to say, THAT IS FAST! Even someone new to archery would know that that’s abnormally fast so now Saracen archery has made a comeback (year 1368) through Lars Anderson. In the arena, we’ve adapted many similar techniques for speed and mobility for archery tag.  It’s Important to note that there are many different archery styles and Saracen archery catered to close-quarters combat urban warfare.  Because the dry, arid climate the Arabs and Saracens were accustomed to, their combat tactics fitted such conditions.  Their targets were either lightly armored or had no armour so their bows and arrows were light to emphasize great speed. Because our archery games are simply “tagging” your opponent, many of these techniques are extremely valuable in an archery tag setting.


Now as deadly as Saracen archery is, it also happens to be very flashy and who loves flash? Hollywood. Now what do we get when year 1386 Saracen archery meets 2018 Hollywood? Robin Hood.  Now unfortunately we can’t use the exact same technique Lars uses for archery games due to our heavy foam tipped arrows and lack of wide, custom nocks BUT we can simulate it with great success.  Archers Arena recently added a hard-tipped arrows where guests can feel the satisfaction of sinking an arrow in a 3D target.  This gives an awesome opportunity to learn and teach Saracen archery! (For those who are up to the challenge)


Hope to see you in the theatres November 21st