Everything's better in the dark

What’s better than a glow in the dark rave? glow in the dark Archery games! it has all the elements of a rave plus bows and minus the substance abuse!  Music, laser lights and glow in the dark shirts that will have your opponents stick out like a sore thumb. But it gets better…


Archer’s arena is always under construction to serve you better and glow-in-the-dark has made a huge comeback.  First, music hypes people up, that’s something we established very early on.  Second, laser lights do something funny to the human mind,  It turns the once sophisticated, mature human into a nerf-crazed lunatic hungry for two things, ammo, and targets.  Mixing the two have been a great success so far and has been a great way to get people out of their comfort zones and leave everyone laughing talking about their “favorite shot”.  Glow-in-the-dark has been an idea we’ve been flirting with for some time but finally put it into action and what an impact it has made!  It’s quite an experience when you look at the opposing team and suddenly, the lights go out and they’re turned into obstructs of dim, neon-colored light.  It’s exciting!


One of the natural gains to adding glow-in-the-dark is how it effects its existing archery game modes making them easier or more difficult.  Second benefit is the ability to add new game modes to the archery games repertoire that would be nearly impossible to play without the dim-light effects. An example of this is a game mode called “Assassin” where two teams plot and attempt to steal a hidden artifact the opposing team carries.  There is very dim light and no music in this game mode making stealth and strategy key elements to this game mode. Either silently eliminate the opposing team you retrieve the opponents artifact. 


Another huge benefit to adding glow-in-the-dark archery games is how differently every archery game is played. Limited vision seems to entice players to use their ammunition supply more sparingly. Games become a little slow with people being struck with an arrow due to being surprised and unaware rather than being slow to dodge out of the way. If you’re a fan of slower, more intricate games of archery where cunning and surprise are more valued than speed and agility, than the glow-in-the-dark games are for you!