Release Some Stress with Archers Arena

After a long day at work, you can build up a surprising amount of stress just from daily requirements and quotas.  It can be from dealing with certain people, certain situations, or just from perpetually working under a deadline. 

Everyone needs to unwind from their daily grind, but the question is how? Going home and plopping yourself down in front of Netflix is one way that might work – but it is not exactly healthy for you, mentally or physically.  The gym might work too – but there is only so much satisfaction you can find running on a treadmill like a hamster on a wheel.  We recommend visiting Archers Arena when your stress buildup needs a constructive outlet! Here’s why:

Real Exercise

If all humans needed was basic cardio, we would all run on the spot for ten minutes and never evolve further from that.  Indoor Archery provides a form of exercise that is dynamic, gives you cardio by keeping your heart rate up, and helps tone muscles in your whole body depending on your playing style.  Are you a defensive player?  Strengthen your legs and core by taking cover and shooting only when the time is right.  Are you an offensive player? Give your glutes as well as your whole body a workout by running from cover to cover to get the edge on your opponent.  Not to mention that no matter your playing style, archery can give you the strongest, most well-toned arms you can imagine.

Brain Work

Archery is all about tactics.  Free your brain from obsessing or stressing about the work of the day and focus on something more fun and maybe even more challenging: the archery match.   You never know when some of your archery skills can be applied to real life – and we’re not just talking about stumbling across a bow and arrow one day.  Archery can teach you to predict others’ behaviour, how to ration your energy, and increase the quality of your hand-eye co-ordination.

Come and visit Archers Arena whenever you need to blow off some steam from your busy day.