Celebrate with Bows and Arrows!

Celebrate with Bows and Arrows!

No one can throw a party quite like Archers Arena.  If you have reasons to celebrate (or a friend with a reason to celebrate!) schedule a private party with us any time you like.

Whether you have a birthday to ring in, a bachelorette or bachelor to cut loose with before they tie the knot, if you have a friend you want to surprise, or any occasion to celebrate, Archers Arena is the clear choice.   Here are some reasons to consider Archers Arena for your next celebration or private party.

Appropriate for All Ages

Bowling and laser tag don’t really cut it in this day and age.  Paintball can often end in tears and make a mess.  Kids of all ages (and adults with impeccable taste) can get really get into a kind of warfare that is popular in film in television, like The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Lord of the Rings, and The Green Arrow.  We can host kids as young as 8 at Archers Arena. We can provide 15lbs bows and hockey helmets that can easily stop foam arrows.

Archery is everywhere! No matter who you are you can appreciate the fun, tactics, and skill that come with using a bow and arrow.

Highly Accessible

You don’t have to be a pro to look like a badass (or to play like one!). At Archers Arena, everyone gets a 22-29 pound bow for a casual game.  This eliminates a lot of issues with equipment discrepancies, so you won’t get the issue with paintball where some guns brought from home are modified to the point where it is unfair for the other players. Everyone can play within the same field of power. Someone that is 6'4 will shoot just as hard as someone that is 5'2.  In fact, due to having a lower centre of gravity and being a smaller target, a shorter archer can have a big advantage on their opponents!

For your next party, come to Archers Arena. Contact us today for more information about scheduling, catering, and other services we can provide.