Reasons Why Archery is the Perfect Hobby

When you are looking for a hobby, there are usually a few common criteria that come to mind. You want something that can help you stay in shape, something that makes you feel happy and helps you de-stress, and something that you can share with others or work on alone.  

Well, we may be biased, but we think that archery is one of the best pursuits you can find. Archery provides the perfect combination of physical and mental focus, and can introduce you to an amazingly supportive and welcoming community of fellow archers.

Here are some things archery can do to improve your life:

Archery Improves Your Physical Health

Archery is a physically demanding activity that will improve your overall health and also strengthen your arms, core, hands, chest and shoulders. You’ll find that your stamina and upper body strength will improve immensely. 

Archery Improves Your Mental Health

In today’s distracting world, we can barely focus for 30 seconds. Try sitting down to read a book – you will probably not make it more than a paragraph or two before you feel the need to check your phone or social media accounts or email. Archery can provide a welcome and needed escape from these stressful distractions.    

 Archery can be a marvelous way to clear your head and discover inner focus. Like guided meditation, archery allows you to focus on a singular point or task. You will find that you have an increased sense of wellbeing, increased patience plus the ability to focus.

Supportive Community

When you take up archery, you are welcomed into a community of likeminded individuals. Beginners are welcomed, and a feeling of comradery and support is cultivated in Archer’s Arena. You’ll find that you make lasting friends here!

If you think archery could be your new favorite hobby, give us a call. We’re always happy to introduce beginners to the rich cultural history of archery!