Combat Archery is Exploding in Popularity – and Getting Competitive

Combat Archery is quickly becoming popular not just here in Canada, but across the world. What started as a niche sport is now exploding internationally. With people taking part in games at licensed facilities, participating in tournaments or even playing at their universities, the game shows no signs of slowing down and is becoming more competitive.

While you might consider Combat Archery for a fun outing with friends on a weekend, there are tons of people who take it really seriously. Partly because of the exercise, partly because of the strategy, and partly because of the fun, this game that combines three sports in one is here to stay.

All around the world

According to recent statistics, Combat Archery has over 350 licensed companies providing the game in over 30 different countries. This means that it is now possible to enjoy the game around the globe. Regional leagues are popping up around North America, and even New Zealand has one in the works.

Its advantages

A lot of people like the game because it has a lot of advantages over others like paintball. First, the equipment isn’t nearly as expensive, and it isn’t nearly as difficult to get a full game going. Just show up and we provide you everything that you need. Also, there is no mess to be made from paint flying everywhere, and being hit with a foam arrow doesn’t sting like being whacked with a flying ball of paint.

Three sports in one

People also love the fact that the game is so comprehensive. You get all of the running that you would get from dodgeball plus all of the strategy and team play of paintball without the high cost, mess, or pain; and you get the accuracy test of traditional archery. It’s hard to beat a game that has so many different dimensions. No wonder it is exploding around the world.

The combination of skill, strategy, competition, and exercise has attracted tons of people from across the globe to participate in this game. Its spread around the world only further proves our point. Contact us today and get ready to enjoy a fun game of combat archery right here in Toronto.