Open Letter Regarding Archery Tag

Hello everyone,

Samson here, cofounder from Archers Arena just to clarify a few things regarding our revoked Archery Tag license. The issues between us and Archery Tag Headquarters stemmed from our refusal take down our sniper towers, the types of bunkers we have and the 18 game modes we play. We have not been operating with the “original old fashioned” way of playing “Archery Tag” as stated in the manual so they revoked our license. ( Archery Tag essentially picks and chooses whatever rules they like for whomever they like, other operators do not follow the rules but yet they still remain on the map)

When we first became a licensee, all headquarters wanted was money, they didn't have a process of signing licensees as they gave it up to anyone that offered them money (hence there is Arrow Storm 3 minutes away from us). We signed the  agreement that briefly mentions to follow archery tag rules of play but did not include the details. The details were actually included in the manual that would be forced onto us after we paid for the gear, the manual is within the back office that is only provided after you sign the agreement + paid for your gear. They provide 0 marketing support, force us to operate as a franchise, when they operate outside of franchising law and ask us to provide the exact same archery experience as every other location. If we knew we would have our creativity limited, we would not have become a licensee with Archery Tag AKA DeersSpace LLC.

As for gear, many of the bows that archery tag provides are the white bows you see in the pictures. They are also the same ones Archery District, Terminal, Battle, The Archery Game use. They however are VERY bad bows as with the amount of customers we have, the limbs break within 1 month of use. We have since then sourced the Bear Titan Bows which were also the bows Archery Tag provided all the operators when they had a massive recall internationally. They are excellent and indestructible and as a fellow operator I strongly recommend others refrain from purchasing the crappy overpriced faulty bows.

As for all the haters, it’s okay, our fans will speak for us, they will speak for our staff, our service, our game modes, our arena and the passion we have for the game. (Read the reviews) 

Archers Arena