Indoor Combat Archery: Great Fun and a Great Workout

More and more people in the Toronto area are catching on to just how awesome a game of indoor Combat Archery can be. A team-based game that is highly competitive, our Combat Archery game is basically paintball on steroids. The court is 8000 sq. feet, and throughout your session, you have to cover a lot of ground to ensure that your team gets the win. This means a lot of a fun, and a lot of sweat. All of the action will boost your adrenaline and get your heart rate going.

How does the game work?

The session lasts for 90 minutes. The first 30 are spent briefing you on the rules of the game and getting in some target training. Pulling back and firing that bow over and over again will already start to get your heart rate up. From there you get 60 minutes of game time. Your goal is to destroy your opponents (in a fun way). You need to score more points than them, or eliminate more players or enemy targets within a set amount of time. You can play 10 vs 10 or in larger groups.

What kind of equipment do you get?

Everyone is equipped with a bow, and completely safe, foam-tipped arrows to shoot at the other team with. You also get a protective mesh mask and arm guards. We take safety seriously here, and even though we want you to destroy the other team, we want it to be done as safely as possible.

Get your adrenaline pumping!

Whether you’re on a single court, or on our double court for larger groups, the game is going to get really intense. You will have to run around, dodge arrows, hide under obstacles, find snipers nests, and outwork and outhustle the enemy team in order to survive. Sit still and you won’t last long.

Other than the brief pauses to start a new game, you will be running without a break for 60 minutes. This is high-intensity interval cardio training that also makes use of your senses and ability to strategize - hard to beat that when it’s all rolled into one.

Our arena has been gaining popularity in Toronto because it offers great fun to go along with a great workout. If you are looking to get some tough exercise while having a lot of fun, there is no better place than our indoor Combat Archery arena.