Why Combat Archery is Great for Team Building

The explosion of digital technology has changed the way that businesses perceive value. Slowly they are realizing that people are the most important factor to success, and good team dynamics are the key to maximizing people’s potential.

A team that has fun together, builds friendships and trusts in one another is a powerful tool for businesses in any industry, and that’s caused an explosion in team building activities in recent years. Typical team building activities are often boring and seem cliché, so it makes building relationships difficult. Here is why combat archery is great for team building and why you should give it a try.

It involves intricate teamwork

Not only does combat archery involve teamwork, it involves intricate strategies and task delegation. Oftentimes, the most skilled or experienced player will delegate tasks or roles in the team, as well as give advice on the fly to give the team the best chance at succeeding. Not only does this mirror office culture, it stays in line with a lot of typical business values. Being able to come together to accomplish a goal is a huge advantage in the business world, and practicing while having a lot of fun is much better than watching a corporate video.

It establishes clear but difficult goals

There are many games like tug-o-war or capture the flag that involve teamwork and goals, but they oversimplify the game. Tugging a rope or running to a base is a lot easier than banding together as a team, aiming, and shooting a bow while on the run - especially when you have to follow detailed instructions. Our archery arena has a ton of different games, each with their own unique set of rules. The goal is established at the beginning and the team members need to figure out the best way to accomplish it based on their own skills and tools at hand. Sound familiar?

It’s engaging and fun

Unlike the basic teambuilding games that office workers are haphazardly thrown into and told to have fun doing, our game is interactive, fast-paced, thrilling, and fun. There is barely any time for rest and you have to be constantly thinking. You need to plan your next step, be aware of dangers and repercussions, consider the circumstances and communicate with each other to make the next best move. You won’t regret playing the game and you won’t dread having to get together with your colleagues over the weekend.

Having a strong bond with co-workers makes it easy to get things done around the office - it’s building that bond that is difficult. The typical team building exercises just don’t live up to combat archery. With its teamwork, task delegation, goal setting, and engagement, it is easy to see why combat archery is great for team building. So grab your colleagues and make your way down to Toronto’s Archers Arena for some fast-paced fun.