Target Archery at Archers Arena

We are proud to announce that Archers Arena is expanding the archery services that we offer in Toronto. In addition to combat archery, we are also offering target archery in 2016. Target archery is a competitive sport in which one or more players attempt to hit a defined target with a bow and arrow. Target archery is usually played in a team, although it can also be played singly, with the archer attempting to better hit their target. Target archery is a traditional sport that is popular all over the world – in fact it’s one of the competitions in the Olympic Games.

During a target archery session, a 5-color, 10-ring target is normally used which is placed at varying distances for greater levels of skill. Other stationary targets can be used as well. Targets can be placed between 10 and 80 yards away from the player. Different bows can also be used for variety.

Develop Your Skills

Not only is it a lot of fun, target archery is also great for improving hand-eye coordination. It teaches children how to play on a team and it encourages the development of patience and concentration – skills which are useful in all aspects of life. Target archery is great for people of all ages, enabling them to reduce stress and think more clearly as they concentrate on improving their performance.

Target archery is not all in the mind, however. This type of archery is also very physical. A great deal of strength and stability is needed to pull the arrow in the bow and unleash it toward the target. It develops the muscles of the arms, and is a very good overall form of exercise.

We are welcoming people of all skill levels to come down to Archers Arena in Toronto and try their hand at target archery. Beginners will gradually hone their archery skills with the aid of safety equipment and qualified instructors. Don’t forget, it’s a great way to improve your performance at combat archery as well!