The Biggest Franchises in Toronto Sports

The City of Toronto has a sports culture that is as diverse and culturally rich as the population that inhabits the city. Indoor combat archery is fast becoming one of the most popular sports in the area, but we can definitely recognize that we are not the first. Every major sport is well represented here, and part of the reason our game is getting so popular is because the culture of this city is so deeply intertwined with sports. Here are some of the storied franchises in Toronto sports history.

The Maple Leafs

Out of all of the sports that are represented here and all of the passion that fans have for all of them, there is still nothing that compares to hockey. The Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the “original six” hockey teams that founded the NHL. Although they played at Maple Leaf Gardens for much of their history, they are now at the state-of-the-art Air Canada Centre. Founded in 1917 and still going strong, the team has 13 Stanley Cups sitting in its halls. Even though we haven’t won the cup in a long time, the Leafs are still the most valuable franchise in the NHL. The fans are as rabid as they are loud, so get to a game immediately.

The Blue Jays

As the only franchise in Major League Baseball that lies north of the border, the Jays are the pride and joy of Canadian baseball fans. Founded in the city in the 1977, the team was originally owned by the local beer giant Labatt’s. First playing at the world-famous SkyDome, now named Rogers Centre, the team has been very successful throughout its tenure. The fans pack the stadium regularly, and seeing as how it is the only Canadian baseball franchise, fans can be found across the nation. The team is going through a resurgence as of late, so people are starting to filter back in.

The Raptors

Basketball is one of the fastest growing sports up here in Canada, and with a class full of budding NBA stars from up north, people are starting to follow it more and more. The Raptors are a late comer in terms of sports up here, being founded in 1995, but they still have a huge following. There have been some stars here over the years, and more and more players have shown willingness to leave their comfort zones and venture abroad into our country. The team is getting better each year and the fans are responding. They have the benefit of being the only Canadian team, which means that we go crazy any time they play.

Sports are taken more seriously than just about anything up here. Hockey of course reigns supreme, but baseball, basketball, soccer, and many other great sports are all very popular. That could explain why our archery game is becoming such a big deal. Torontonians are naturally competitive and when they aren’t taking in a game from one of Toronto’s sports franchises, they are playing one against their friends.