Padded Arrows vs Steel Arrows: does it affect the game?

We are very proud of how in-depth, technical, and physical this game can be. The amount of hand-eye coordination, strength, and strategy that go into firing a bow and arrow in a fast-paced environment is mind boggling. Obviously we don’t use real arrows. As fun as it might sound, shooting real arrows at your friends is going to go against safety regulations, and probably end up in some serious injuries. A lot of people ask us if it affects the game when we use foam-tipped arrows. Luckily when you compare foam-tipped arrows vs real arrows you see that everything remains the same.

Same fundamentals

Historically used for hunting, sport, and of course combat, archery has always been a specialized discipline that requires great feats of hand-eye coordination, strength, posture and aim. Our foam arrows are made of the same material, and all of the fundamentals remain the same. You still will need a proper stance, good posture, dead-on aim, and strong arm to pull it back. Not only that but you will have to perfect your grip and know how to hold the bow properly. You get all of the same practice and technique when firing a safe foam arrow.

The difference

As technology and manufacturing means became more and more advanced, arrows became more precise and could fly much further. This is due to their aerodynamic shape and the force applied to it from the bow. Because our arrows are tipped with foam, they are not as aerodynamic since they aren’t as sharp. This means they cannot fly as far as their sharper cousins. Any deficiencies in the flight path of the arrow will be made up for by the fact that it doesn’t pierce your body and seriously injure you.

Safety first

We take safety very seriously, and although we encourage complete and all out destruction of the other team, we want you to do it as safely as possible. Foam-tipped arrows are a great solution for indoor play and very safe to use even in tight spaces. They won’t cause any damage to the arena, or to the players. It is as competitive as other games, but without all of the pain.

There is just something about firing projectiles at your friends in a highly-competitive environment that is appealing to people, and that is why combat archery is catching on so quickly. The fact we can make the game so safe by using foam has made it become even more popular. When you see foam-tipped arrows vs real ones side by side, you notice that the only real difference is that one is totally safe for everyone to use.