Archers Arena summer camp for kids!!


Hello Archery dorks and nerf nerds to yet another blog.  With Marvels endgame movie and Game of thrones final season being released, what a time to be alive. The anticipated arrival of both franchises delivered hard and now those who eagerly waited get their rewards.  Winter is just about over and summer is coming… (GoT reference)

 I’ve made several posts regarding kids summer camp programs so I wont be doing another one describing all its features.  This blog post is serving more as a reminder to call in and book quick if you have any questions or if you’re ready to sign your child or children up because spots disappear SO FAST.  We’ve constantly hit capacity every time we’ve facilitated our kids camp program and though most of our spots are taken by repeat campers, we want to keep slots open for those who haven’t tried it out before and want to give it a go.

 For a brief overview to those who don’t know about our summer camp program,  it’s a program that allows parents to drop off their kids for a day at Archers Arena 1140 Sheppard Ave. west. Starting at 10pm and ending at 4pm.  In that time we have a group of coaches that facilitate games and activities with the kids.  Every camp day will feature our two activities which we’re built upon being Archery tag and Nerf Wars.  The kids go on a lunch break at noon before we dive back into the action and we make sure there is very little downtime so they can experience as much of what we have to offer as they can.

 The camp has been a great way for kids to meet new friends in a safe environment (no bully policy enforced) and forge lasting friendships. Its always amazing to see repeat guests come in and meet up with their camp friends and buddies.

 Now that the overview is done, I would highly suggest that if you have any questions, give us a call (647-992-7362) fast so we can reserve you a spot. Generally there are discounts given to those who book a weeks worth of summer camp days rather than a single day as well so ask us about that as well. We’re looking forward to meeting our new kids campers.