Tips for running your own event!

Hello my friends!

Because we run SO MANY PUBLIC EVENTS here at Archers Arena Toronto, I figured I would pass on some knowledge that has proven so valuable to myself and our team while leading through groups of people. Here are the top five questions to ask yourself when planning your next team building event.


Napoleon Hill, The famous self help author once said that no one has the right, at any time, to ask something of an individual without adequate compensation and I am inclined to agree.  Most people are in a “what’s in it for me” mindset which is fine and natural. Most leaders can say “well they’re being paid” which is fine for some if not most people, but consider offering a little more incentive.  Its important to note that all incentives don’t need to have a monetary value attached to it. The promise of learning or just having fun is promise enough for some.  Its also worth noting that the best of the best team members are rarely satisfied with trading their time for just money.



Competition is one of the amazing elements of a human that gives us energy. At its best, it lifts people to unimaginable heights of achievement but at its worst, will drive us to miserable fits of anxiety and depression.  Learning how to bring the best out of people using competition could be the key for some people to break the chains of mediocrity into a life full of purpose and fulfillment. Consider who in your group thrives from competition and those who shy away from it and find a way to safety compromise them in the middle.



Comfort zone:

To run a memorable team building event, we need something out of the ordinary, mundane lifestyle so it sticks out in your minds when we think about it.  A unique experience to think back about as a reference when we need to call upon our experiences to overcome a new challenge.  Bringing your team out of their comfort zone is a great first step. Though it may be a little painful for some, the discipline to push through yields priceless results.


Interesting puzzles:

Could also be worded as “unique puzzles” so we can use your minds to attack situations at a new angle.Problem solving the same old numbers or deadlines can not only be boring, but it

can cause serious, lasting damage to the powerful human mind.  Consider an exciting and different challenge for your team to overcome. Stimulate their minds and they will find the correlation between this new problem and their old ones.



The word that’s been thrown all over the 20th century to describe “good leaders”.  Though we know much more is needed to be a great leader, enthusiasm has a special place in this list due to its power to entice audiences through words.  The bottom line is if I don’t hear the organizer happy and excited to try this new challenge together, I wont be interested in solving this new problem either.