How to Optimize Your Archers Arena Experience

Whether its your first time or you’ve lost track on how many times you’ve played combat archery at Archers Arena, there are always helpful hints and skills we can learn to enhance your experience. 

Clothing: You’re in for a workout so be sure to bring something comfortable. Like you could wear jeans..but yeah don’t. Totally wore jeans my first time and that wasn’t fun to run around in. Oh! And of course your running shoes! Archers Arena also has lockers available if you need to change.

Booking and Checking In: We really encourage everyone to connect with Archers Arena to book their combat archery (or even Nerf Wars?!) session as drop in times can get limited. Once you get in just be sure to check in at the front desk and hang out in our comfy lobby till your orientation starts. Chill out on the couch, play a game of pool and sit upon the throne of arrows and snag a selfie with friends. 

Our team of coaches have streamlined the orientation process to ensure everyone can enter the arena feeling totally confident. In the meantime, here are a few links to tips and tricks for your next combat archery session from our Archers Arena coaches and community:

Top 3 tips for Beginners as shared by members of the Archers Arena community

Coach Mike shares how to do an even faster quick draw and the secret to making sure everyone has a great time

Post-Combat: Hydrate! Stretch! Protein!....and possibly some A535 (ok maybe not that far for most…but still). With all of the sprints, pivots, lunges, squats and reaching, you’re gunna want to take care of yourself. By doing some stretching and keeping hydrated, it’ll help dull any muscle aches the next day. 

Interested in more? Consider joining the Archers Arena combat archery league that starts in January. Better yet,  come out on coaches night for some next level competition. These two opportunities will help you grow in your combat archery skills and it’s a great way to get your exercise time in.

So now you’ve got some great hints and even a few tricks, come by Archers Arena and try 'em out for yourself!

Your fellow archer,

Erin S.