It's here! A league is happening!

Yeah man, you read that right. Our fearless leader dropped some pretty sweet news the other day and its truly a sign of the growing community at Archers Arena. (Check out the video blog here from Sam) After sharing the combat archery sport with so many, there's always bound to be a few of us that want more. Well my fellow archers, we wanted more and Archers Arena is delivering more!.

Now, this calls for an appropriate time to start a group chat because you and your buddies are gunna want in on this. Here’s the details for that group chat you’re gunna start soon (copy, paste and share. I insist!):

What: Combat Archery League at Archers Arena

Who: Everyone! 12 teams with 3 players each

How much: $150 per person ($450/team)  for a chance at the prize pool. $75 if you don’t wanna win any money

When: Starts January 10, 2018. League will run for a total of 12 weeks. Two of those weeks will be dedicated for playoffs. Combat archery league nights will be on Wednesday nights starting at 7:30PM. 

Why: Why not? Great activity for you and your friends and an opportunity to meet fellow archers from the Archers Arena community. And….well…you could win some money! All just playing some combat archery once a week.

So, assuming that everyone wants in on a chance to win a piece of the prize pool, here’s what’s up for grabs:

$2,700 Prize Pool!

1st Place: $1,350

2nd place: $810

3rd place: $540

Not bad eh? Oh! Let your buddies know as well that there will be a new game mode every other week to look forward to as well. Signing up for a combat archery league with your friends is such a great opportunity! Especially with the winter months coming up, its such a great way to keep in touch, get some exercise, keep warm and have some fun.

Go ahead, copy and paste that info and hit send. As always, the folks at Archers Arena are always happy to hear from you if you’ve got any questions. They can be reached at (647) 992-7362 and you check out their facebook page for updates and video blogs.

Your fellow archer,

Erin S.