4 More Great Reasons to Choose Archers Arena!

One article just wasn’t enough to cover all of the reasons why Archers Arena is the archery facility to come visit, so here are just a few more of our assets that guarantees fun, quality time for all.

Game modes

We have over 35 different game types that we can run; obviously not all of them in one session. Most are on display in our lounge, allowing for bookings to choose what specific games they would like to play. Our coaches are also great at combining different game types to get even more fun out of each session, ensuring a different experience every time you come play at Archers Arena. Have favourites? You can tell your coach about it and they will definitely incorporate that mode in the session, perhaps spicing it up with upgrades to get a whole new level to the game.

Field Tips

One of our newest exciting features, field tip arrows can be shot in a controlled, secure environment. These arrows have little metal tips instead of our big, marshmallow-style foam tips, and offer a much more accurate feeling of what standard archery is all about. It is a completely different shot, and we also offer the chance to print out a picture for you to aim at on our field-tip specific bags. We even have some of those arrows hollowed so they whistle when you shoot them. Yes, it’s really cool, and very satisfying when you nail your target.

Badass Photo Opportunities

Our coaches are trained to take great quality pictures of you when you come in, whether it is while playing combat archery, or during private lessons. We can assure that you will have profile picture worthy shots before you walk out of here. We are also very proud of our Throne of Foam, our homage to the Game of Thrones popularity, which is ideal for group pictures and just looking like you’re a boss. Therefore you know you will be walking out with solid new options for your Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Tinder shots!

5 Star Rating

More than anything else, we cannot thank our customers enough for leaving reviews after their visits. They really do speak for themselves. Many of our bookings choose to reserve a time with us because they’ve heard of our quality from one of their friends or relatives who’ve enjoyed their experience here. An even greater sign of quality on our part, is the sheer number of returning costumers that we get. It’s always awesome to have someone come in that you can put a name to, and effectively discuss more than just archery with. We create a whole ambiance of kinship here, and attract like-minded people.


In the end, it is fair to say that we are more than just another archery facility. We encourage and help build-up people who need to see friendly faces every once in a while. This is a place where anyone can belong, a home away from home, in addition to being a great way to stay in shape and meet great people with incredible stories. We enjoy investing time in the people that invest time in us, so much so that working here doesn’t even feel like a job, but more like being part of an awesome community.