Couples shooting each other in the face at the Sex Show

Archers Arena at The Everything to do with Sex Show (Sexpo)

                Last weekend was the Everything to Do With Sex Show, and Archers Arena managed to snag a booth in there. You may be asking yourselves: what does archery tag have to do with sex? Turns out combat archery is a great form of couple therapy, for an even lower price than an actual therapist. What better way to vent out your frustrations than by shooting at each other! And what makes the experience even better? The foam tips at the end of our arrows guarantee that a direct hit will bring huge amounts of satisfaction, all while being completely safe so you can keep your S.O. for a little while longer. Even allows to keep shooting them over and over again if you have to!

                On the other hand, if everything is perfect between the two of you and you’re looking for a way to prove your love even more, this would be the perfect time to be able to show that you are willing to take a bullet for them, metaphorically speaking. When you’re playing the game, and you see someone is lining up a shot toward them, there is nothing more romantic than throwing yourself in front of the shot, saving their lives for a moment longer, just to prove that you love them that much. Who wouldn’t go awww at such a display of affection?

                Furthermore, after just a taste of how releasing combat archery is, it can also become a great way to work out together without having to involve a gym or lifting heavy weights. It also becomes a fun activity to do together, something that isn’t your typical date night, which definitely adds some spice to the whole relationship. So if you don’t want to be one of those boring couples that do what every other boring couple does, then definitely find time to include Archers Arena into your schedule.

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