Archers Arena Grand Tournament Season 7

It’s Tournament Time!

                Once again, the Time of Tournaments is upon us! Following huge success in the past winter season, Archers Arena is once again presenting its riveting Tournament Days. On the 16th of October, we can expect intense clashes between old and new, featuring the team of seasoned players Bloodbath and Beyond as the top team to beat, we already have multiple new teams signing up, promising a fresh new competitive environment.

                All who think they have the skills to come out victorious are more than welcome to come prove their worth on the field. Combat archery has always been (and continues to be) a great team building event; so if you want to give a group of close friends the chance to shine together and push each other’s limits in a new, fun way, through teamwork, cooperation and leadership, be sure to get your crew together and strategize your way to victory. For an even greater challenge, come by yourself and get assigned a group of unknowns, where you are going to have to figure out your strengths and weaknesses, and come together as a team to make your way to the top.

                In the midst of the battles, there will be challenges issued on the range, from duck hunting to target calling and other accuracy tricks, where you can learn new things from the best and even take on the masters and rank your skill level.

                Therefore, whether you wish to come by yourself and get grouped with other people, or come up with your own partial or full team of six players, all options offer exciting outcomes, from connecting with new people to making new memories with close friends to pushing your own limits and boosting your leadership skills.

                We are at the dawn of a new season of tournaments, where old and new will collide in an enticing battle of wits and talent. Will you be part of the underdog team to uproot our current champs? Only one way to know: sign up and come play with us!

                Any questions, feel free to call us; space is limited so make sure to book in advance.

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