Archery at The Great Camp Adventure Walk

We all know that kids have the BEST imaginations ever, and we have all been victims of the guilty pleasure of picturing ourselves with the skills of icons such as Legolas, Katniss Everdeen, or even Hawkeye. Kids are carefree, truthful and genuine, whereas growing up, we become much too serious about everything and lose that spark of simple happiness. However, some kids get dealt a harder hand in life, and are subject to different illnesses that can make the simple act of living that much harder. In those cases, it can become a struggle to find a reason to be as happy or carefree. But there are ways to facilitate that. What better way to make a kid smile than to make them feel like a super hero?

Every kid needs a hero. Especially kids that are fighting their own war with sickness. On Saturday September 24th, Archers Arena had a station set up at the walk for Sick Kids, where kids and adults of all ages could come and learn how to shoot a bow. We were able to give some of them the opportunity to be their own hero, to feel like they too are as badass as the people in the movies. Even kids as young as 4 years old got to experience what it was like to let an arrow fly and hit a target, albeit with a little assistance from our coaching staff. But there was no feeling more satisfying than seeing the huge teeth-baring grins of the youths, except maybe when one of them would let out a little giggle of unfiltered exhilaration. To know that we were able to bring so many people all that happiness with the simple act of shooting arrows at targets is indeed very humbling.

                With that being said, archery is also found to be a very therapeutic practice. The key for best results when firing your arrows is to be relaxed. You want to make the bow a simple extension of your arm, and when you draw, it should be a familiar, easy motion. There’s a whole flow to the art that is archery, and the better you get, the less you actually think about what you’re doing, allowing for peace of mind to settle in. Of course, this all comes with practice and know how. Luckily for you, we have an array of coaches that are experienced and can guide you through the process, happy to teach and share the knowledge we have for the craft. You will not find at Archers Arena an employee who does not love what they do, and it really gives the whole experience a step above that of our competitors, as our online reviews state for themselves.