free play


            As is tradition, once a year, every year, it is socially acceptable to get out our inner child and dress up as anyone we like for a day. We asked ourselves, why should we limit this freedom to one day only? Short answer: we really shouldn’t!

For a whole week, we at Archers Arena encourage you to dress up and come play! From the 24th till the day of Halloween itself, if you come shoot arrows with us all dressed up, we will let you play for free! If your crew comes in dressed up, we will have a small prize for best costume; points awarded for creativity, aesthetics, and archery friendly capabilities.


                In the spirit of the festivities, all of our coaches are going to be dressed up for the week, so if your friends feel they are “too cool” for costumes, you can rest assured the rest of us know the importance of letting loose and having fun once and a while. Life is just too short to afford being able to say no to having fun; we’re all in this together. All for one and one for all!