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Guest appearance at Anime North 2017!

Anime North (May 26th to 28th) is right around the corner, and we are pleased to say that we have once again been invited to have our own space since we were such a huge success last year. Ours was indeed one of the biggest attractions at the event, and we intend to keep that status this year as well. Combat archery tag has been on a steady rise since it came to be a few years ago, and we are proud to be the top facility of the regions in and out of Toronto.

Some of you may be wondering: what on Earth is Anime North? Well, to give you a small idea, Anime North is in fact a convention that celebrates Japanese culture in close to every way, shape and form. Primarily, anime, manga, music, and games are most heavily featured, along with numerous guest appearances from people who are somewhat influential in that scene.

One of the best features in my opinion, at any convention, is the cosplaying. No matter your preference of genre, your ability at creating costumes (or simply buying one), or even how resembling you are to the actual character, none of that matters. There’s an implied understanding that any and all cosplay is awesome, and that’s the end of it. Some people take it even a step further, and actually want to learn the style of fighting different weapons require, or simply want to get absorbed in a world outside of their own. That’s where we come in.

Archers Arena offers not only the obvious bow-wielding experience through target shooting and combat archery tag, but we also have our own larping (live action role-playing) system through Champions Arena. We allow these people who want to explore new and exciting worlds a very real way to do just so. From bows and arrows, to dual-wielding swords, sword and shield, or even katanas (and maybe some lightsabers), we have what it takes to make your experience personable, memorable, and unique to you.

Everyone I know of has his or her own entry point to archery; whether it’s an actual person, a character, or even a game. Personally, The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time was my gateway to loving archery (and horseback riding, but that’s another story), as well as my huge crush for Legolas and the elves in The Lord of the Rings. Simply because they were just so damn cool. My point being that everything we see or watch influences our likes and dislikes, and the fact that archery is represented in such a bad-ass way through so many mediums only enhances one’s experience when they come and play at Archers Arena; seeing as regular people can let themselves become their own hero from their own story.

Larping at Archers Arena – Champions Arena

Larping, as some of you may already know, stands for live action role-playing. You may wonder, what does that have to do with Archers Arena? Well, here we are introducing a whole new concept of roleplaying named the Champions Arena; which does not focus on the storyline, but on the peoples own abilities. This is where you can come test out how well you can actually do with our legitimate, high quality larping weapons, by trying out different classes that have different perks during play. Champions Arena allows for full-out, yet completely safe, medieval combat the likes of which has never been seen in an archery facility.

The concept of Champions Arena was created by larpers, for larpers, old and new, with a twist. Here, you get your pick from 5 different classes that have all been calibrated to have at least one other class that can compensate against the given advantage each individual class brings to your team as a whole. However, it will ultimately rest on teamwork, cooperation and skill to determine the winner. That being said, some players may show prowess as one class, and be terrible at another, so mixing things up is always an interesting option.

Our five current classes offer a variety of opportunities to act out varied yet interesting characters that all have a lot to offer both strategically and physically, so you can play to your strong suit, or choose you want to get good at something new. Wither you wish to claim as your own the nobility of the knight with sword and shield, or go crazy as the berserker with two swords, or perhaps even defend your teams’ honor as the katana-wielding samurai, each class has perks that allow for either strong offensive or solid defensive. If you prefer not to be part of the front line and play the game from a distance, then you could give the sneaky rogue with throwing axes a go, or even shoot from afar with precision as the archer.

With such distinct classes, we had to come up with some pretty awesome games to play which all give a different, yet always satisfying, goal to accomplish. From hack and slash, to Tower Defense, different game types allow for different strategies, and teamwork is a must if you want to come out victorious! Jedi Master also guarantees a unique, killer workout, just as fun as defeating hordes of foes with a lightsaber sounds like it would be.

In conclusion, Champions Arena is a new, fun, and unique way to live intense combat in an environment that can only be experienced at Archers Arena. As different an experience as it is from combat archery tag, it is its own challenge and demands completely different sets of skills to master. If you’re looking for an even better workout than archery dodgeball, or even just an excuse to wack your buddies, you should really give these games a try.

Why Archers Arena?

Why Choose Archers Arena?

With more and more archery facilities opening up their doors in the GTA, people will start to wonder where they will have the best experience. Although we do believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, here are a list of reasons why we think Archers Arena should be at the top of your list.


There is no better way to make sure that you will be getting an awesome archery experience than by having coaches there that not only love what they do, but also enjoy teaching and sharing their knowledge of the art that is the efficient handling of a bow and arrow. From private lessons to team learning, our coaches are more than experienced enough to handle large groups and make sure each individual is capable of hitting targets by the end of the session. We pride ourselves in our know-how, and nothing makes us happier than knowing that we have successfully taught people, and helped them become better archers along the way.


From our awesome, chill-out zone lobby to our comfy party room, we at Archers Arena know how to greet guests and keep them entertained while they’re waiting for the late comers of their group. Our range offers a variety of targets, from hanging ducks, to our human cut-out form (affectionately named Will). We also have two courts which offer two completely different challenges in their arrangements, along with sniper towers in-between and an array of bunkers varying in shapes and sizes.

Champions Arena

Our new baby, Champions Arena allows for full-out, yet completely safe, medieval combat the likes of which has never been seen in an archery facility. You get to choose from 6 completely different classes to fight each other, each with exclusive perks that can give your team an edge. From hack and slash to Tower Defense, different game types allow for different strategies, and teamwork is a must if you want to come out victorious! Jedi Master also guarantees a unique, killer workout, just as fun as defeating hordes of foes with a lightsaber sounds like it would be.


For our more competitive athletes, we hold regular tournaments where the best come toe-to-toe and compete for the chance to face our undefeated coach team! Every tournament has seen its fair share of excitement, with underdogs overcoming previous champs, and the emergence of new talent to come learn from the established forerunners. A great opportunity to come witness the sport of combat archery at a higher level, and learn from some of the best.


What really sets us apart if the feeling of belonging that we bestow over all that wish for it. We are a welcoming, friendly facility who tends to attract warm, cheerful individuals, and our fast-growing group of regulars (or members) easily link up and build friendships from a common interest. We are always growing, and love to have people come in who can help keep us growing and better ourselves, because at the end of the day, we really are here for the love of the sport, and that is all we want to share with everyone that comes through our doors.