Archers Arena for Kids Birthdays: Safe and Fun for Everyone

Being a kid, everybody always went off and played their own little stories where they were always the hero, regardless of if it was a romantic princess story, fighting off robots, riding dinosaurs, or even surviving in the wilderness with animal companions. At some point in time, every child has heard the tales of archery icons such as Robin Hood, Legolas, or even Katniss Everdeen. Archery has effectively grown into an activity numerous kids crave to try their hand at. What better way to give them an awesome birthday present than by allowing them to let loose their inner archer? Here at Archers Arena, we are always more than happy to oblige, and here are a few of the reasons why you should bring your child here to come try out his skills at archery dodgeball.

Safety First

We are completely aware of the fact that bows and arrows are still, in fact, weapons. In regards to that, we ensure that our training along with the equipment we provide allow for safety for and from players. Our staff is knowledgeable and patient, and have quite the knack to deal with hordes of kids who cannot wait to start shooting arrows. Although we do have a set program on how to teach newcomers, we always adapt to every situation, and kids are no exception. We know the attention span is small, so we focus on the important parts of the teachings and guarantee that they can effectively shoot arrows at each other, all the while being safe about it. We also have smaller bows to accommodate our small friends.

Private Group/Fun for Everyone

Because we want to make sure that everyone is getting the most out of their session as possible, we tend to ensure that kid bookings are private, even if it isn’t necessarily asked for. Let’s be honest here, we don’t want adults to overpower the children, and on the other hand, it’s simply not as fun playing with kids that can barely shoot straight. That being said, if there is a situation where we have no other choice but to combine bookings, we limit the draw strength of bows for the adults that will play along with the kids, therefore ensuring that no one gets hurt. This also applies to adults who are part of the booking who want to play with their kids.

Party Room

Another strong reason why you should bring your kids’ group of friends here is because we do have a party room where all the festivities can take place after the combat archery tag session. Depending on the booking you make, there will be warm pizza delivered just as the kids are done playing, and we have a large fridge that can accommodate a birthday cake. There is also the option of bringing in your own food, and arrive early to decorate the room as you like; it’s yours for a whole 45 minutes after your hour and a half session, to relax in and enjoy as you please.


In the end, wither you are still a kid at heart or not, there is always a nice sentiment of joy that comes along when you see a child truly having fun. The innocence, the wonder, and the brightness in their faces when they are handed bows and arrows always adds a little something extra to the experience. Furthermore, I can attest that every single session I’ve held with a group of kids, wither it was for a birthday party or just for fun, everyone always left with a huge smile on their face, and that includes the parents that were there to accompany and supervise, regardless of if they played combat archery tag with them or not.

Group Outings for Kids' Camps

Want to make some memories that will stay with your kids for a lifetime?  Want to help encourage teamwork and leadership skills?  There is no better team activity than Combat Archery!

The Benefits of Combat Archery Outings

Brain Power:

Combat archery encourages working well with a large group (in team games) or spatial awareness and tactical/critical thinking (in free-for-alls).  Watch your campers think in new and exciting ways when presented with real, physical challenges with their friends.

Equal Opportunities:

Every player uses a 22-29lbs bow for a casual game in our Arena – this means, unlike paintball for example, there will not be any enthusiasts who bring their own gear and unbalance the playing field.  Everyone will play within the same realm of power.  A camper that is tall will shoot just as hard as a younger or shorter camper.  In fact, the smaller archer will have an advantage being a smaller target!  Everyone on the field will be equipped with exactly the same type of bow and shoot the same padded arrows.  Even if one child is smaller than the others, it will not stop them from playing just as hard or having just as much fun as their friends.

Add Variety to the Camp Schedule:

Shake up the regular camp routine with a trip to Archer’s Arena!  Your camp will stand out from all the rest and you will leave your campers raving to their parents about what a great time they had.   Striking out and doing something different is a great way to provide an amazing, fun activity without needing to plan the activity/game yourself (leave that to us!)

Bringing your day camp campers out to Archer’s Arena for a day of combat archery will be one of the best decisions you ever make, for your campers, for your business, and for yourself!