Bubble Soccer Contrabands

There is a new activity in Toronto and the police and media can’t stop Torontonians from keeping off it

Bubble Soccer is a transformational, mind-blowing, re-birth like experience for many. Some even go to the extent of comparing Bubble Soccer to the life-changing effects ayahuasca brings. But we don’t – we tell you things as is – only the truth and nothing but the truth. 

But here we have 11 words of caution for you.

CAUTION: If you like to have fun - Bubble Soccer can get addicting.

The best part though, unlike any other activity – Bubble Soccer is everything and better.

Here are 9 reasons why you should be doing Bubble Soccer.

  1. Legal – Bubble Soccer like all good things in the land of maple leaf – is completely legal. Imagine an uninterrupted adrenaline high where running around, kicking the ball and scoring goals isn’t the only way to score.

  2. Healthy - Bubble Soccer is basically a combination of a game of soccer and a good hearty workout. With running around, bubble bumps – you break a sweat. And good things come to those who sweat. So, sweat, smile and repeat.

  3. Easy – You don’t need to be a professional soccer player to play Bubble Soccer. Isn’t that some relief? There’s always a first time, some say.

  4. Safe - Unlike traditional soccer, Bubble Soccer is less aggressive but still more fun. We at Archers Arena, take special care for your safety. We have expert coaches, that double up as guardian angels or as some call them ‘shamans’.

  5. Recreational - You can do it with your friends. Actually, Bubble Soccer is the only drug (apart from Combat Archery and Nerfing) you and your friends should be taking.

  6. For all ages – Bubble Soccer at Archers Arena is for everyone that is 130 cm or taller – this is about 4 ft 3 inches tall – which is mostly everyone age 8 and above.

  7. Affordable – While most other addictions come with a heavy price tag – Bubble Soccer does not. We have the best rates for Bubble Soccer in Toronto. And if you book for 8 people and above, you get a wholesale price. Also, you can quit anytime.

  8. Celebrations – Birthday, Proposal, Divorce, Break-up, Date, Job promotion, anniversaries, victory party or an impeachment whatever the cause is – there is nothing that a game of Bubble Soccer – can’t help you celebrate.

  9. Fun – Apart from everything else you’ve read so far – there are only good trips with Bubble Soccer. Say goodbyes to BTs with Bubble Soccer.

Secret T(r)ip – DO NOT TELL ANYONE - If you know someone wanting to celebrate his/her birthday, hit us up – get them to play FREE

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Looking forward to showing you guys a good time. *wink wink*