Not Just Team Building for The Ho-Ho-Holiday Season

It is that time of the year when you and your buddies at your work-place are in the festive spirit – because – ‘tis the season. However, your workplace has one of the following (or more);

1.       Strict rules & regulations

2.       Strict dress code – (London-like dull greys and dark blues etc.)

3.       No play zone

4.       Salads for lunch

Salds for lunch everyday for my lunch.

Salds for lunch everyday for my lunch.

We have just the solution for you - *insert drumroll* - Archers Arena presents Corporate Team BuildingCombat Archery Tag, Archery Training, Organized Archery Games and your very own Party Space – you name it – we got it. So get ready – to have the best 4 hours of your work-life.

Now that we have you smiling – that is not all – we have can help you with a lot more. It just keeps getting better.

Free Transportation – Often times you have someone in your workplace that isn’t quite savvy in using the GPS or navigation apps, and although this is rather old school we understand that. And since you will be coming to the “Arena” to have only fun and nothing else – we want to take away any possibility of you going to have to go even drive to us. So when you book a corporate team building activity with us, you don’t have to worry about finding the location, we take care of your travel – door-to-door pick and drop facility – how bow dat?

Free All You Can Eat Pizza – We love pizza and hence we take pizza lovers very seriously. So if you love pizza as much as we do – you’re in for a tasty surprise – you can eat as much pizza as you like with any of our corporate team building packages and free Chicken Wings with some packages. But wait – there is more – if you want healthier options – we can do additional catering - Extreme Pita or even Sushi- all you gotta do is ask.

Free All You Can Drink – Love hydration? Well, you should. When you can have all you can drink pop (we have Coke, Sprite, Crush, Diet Coke, Canada Dry and more), Gatorade, Kool-Aid , Juice and water – basically anything off our fridge. Hey, there is more. If you want to BYOB, we can help you get a liquor license and with a special occasions permit you can bring your alcohol and keep all the Christmas spirits high. There is no thirst that we cannot quench – unless you are a vampire.

Free Go-Pro Rentals – When you come to the arena, we want you to leave with memories. And how about some action packed memories in 4K definition that you can share with your work fam and friends? Isn’t that amazing? We have Go-Pro rentals at no extra cost – so you can live by these later on.

Free Billiards, Foosball and Board Games – Whether you like Pool, Billiards or Foosball or Board Games (Monopoly, Jenga, Battleship, Exploding Kittens, King of Tokyo, Penguin Trap etc.), we have something for everyone. 

Free VR Station – Do you have people that would rather take a backseat when it comes to physical activities? Then worry not – we at Archers Arena have got them covered. When you play with a larger group, we throw in VR games – ABSOLUTELY FREE of cost. Some of the games we love here at the arena are Space Pirates, Superhot and Arizona Sunshine (the zombies hate this one). So while others can run around shooting arrows and darts, you could be saving the world from zombies.

A great woman (Ellie Goulding), once said…

A great woman (Ellie Goulding), once said…

And as a great woman once said – what are you waiting for?

Give us a call at (647)-992-7362 or email us at info@archersarena.com to book or have any of your questions answered. You can also hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

See you in the arena!