Summer Festivities!

Summer is finally upon us in Toronto so you know what that means! Beer. BBQ beers, patio beers, backyard beers, and beer beers.  Let’s face it, there’s never not a good time to crack open a cold one with the boys (or girls!) during summer!

To turbo-charge the love for our delicious hoppy nectar, Toronto has their annual BEERFEST happening July 26th-29th. People from all over Canada get together to celebrate their favorite frothy drink and rejoice over it with friends and food.  Now here’s a riddle. Q - What’s more fun after pounding back a few wobbly pops under the sun? A – Everything and archery tag is no exception, in fact, humans have been warring with bows and arrows and celebrating their victories (or trying to forget their loses) since the delicious dizzy juice has been discovered. Archers Arena will be special guests attending this frothy foam party so if you’ve never tried nerf wars or archery tag before, No problem, ask your closest mate to “hold my beer” and learn the ferocious art form.  Just make sure you have a couple brewskies before playing so you’re seeing double because double the targets means it’s harder to miss. Bro-science   


Archers Arena invades Anime North!

Hey there Ashitaka (princess mononoke) pretty nice costume you got there, are your archery skills as sharp as your costume? Anime North is closing in on us fast on May 25th -27th and that means the cosplayers are coming out to play! Time to dress up as your favorite anime character for this massive meet-and-greet with your favorite anime artists. Woah there Pokkle, (Hunter X Hunter) you’ll have to leave your cosplay bow at the door, only the Archers Arena bows can be used in combat.  Archers Arena is also going to be bringing their nerf guns as well so all the Major Motoko Kusanagis (ghost in the shell) can rejoice!


Whether you’re into beers or anime, (or both) Toronto has exciting upcoming events for you worth being excited over.  Archers Arena is going to be at both events sampling their archery and nerf so if you’ve never experience it before, than this is the perfect opportunity.  Throw on your favorite anime character costume, grab a beer and let the nerf balls and arrows fly.


Mr. Aimazing (Kyle)