Season 12 Combat Archery Tournament.....Results are in!

Just sitting in the orientation space watching the teams warm up as they prepare for the ultimate combat archery tournament at Archers Arena here in Toronto. The air is friendly with familiar faces from the Archers Arena community but with there was an edge of competitiveness…..its pretty awesome to see. Coach Jones gathers the archery teams and announces the game and arena rules for the tournament. Since the combat archery teams are playing for the chance to play against combat d’archers in Montreal, so tonight, we’re playing by Montreal rules. The game mode tonight: elimination with a few Montreal rule tweaks.

The teams tonight who are battling for the ultimate prize of bragging rights:

Bows Before Hoes

Blood Bath and Beyond

Coon and Friends


Powerpuff Girls

No bad mouthing your opponents, we’re all friends here” – Jones explaining tournament rules

From the sidelines you can hear team mates encouraging each other and chatting about how they prepped for the tournament. “I was nervous at my first combat archery tournament but then I started coming out to Coaches Night on Tuesdays and Fridays. I learned so much and my agility is like at an all time high right now. Plus, I got way better at loading my bow quicker, so I can kick some serious butt now.”

I got to observe from the sniper tower and the competition was fierce and unforgiving. The team dynamics varied and they were all on the tips of their toes. Quick, strategic and competitive, the combat archery teams worked hard for their wins. It was so fun just seeing the fist pumps in celebration of getting a shot on their opponent!

After several rounds of combat archery and with exhausted archers, the winner of the tournament was finally announced…….. congrats Strapcicles for winning Season 12 of Archers Arena Combat Archery Tournament!! (woohoo!!)

Everyone gathered for photos and were all chirping at each other “I got gunned down right away!”, “We targeted for you!” and “You have a powerful shot!” echoed with the laughter.  Such a great energy that filled the room!

More details to come about who will be heading to Montreal but the Archers Arena team is up for the challenge. No worries, we’ll keep you in the loop on the what’s what.

In the meantime, got some pretty cool news to share. Archers Arena is starting a combat archery league! (yes!yes!yes!) Look forward to the next blog for more details but here’s what you need to know now: teams of 3, league starts in January and registration is on now! Contact Archers Arena at 647-992-7362 to register your team.

Your fellow archer,

Erin S.