Triumphant Tournament!

October the 16th was the day our combat archery tournaments were reintroduced to our fans; and what a day it was! The atmosphere was packed with exhilaration, comradery, and outright thrill. It was an intense energy to walk into, and it did exactly what it was supposed to: pump people up at the prospect of getting to shoot arrows at each other. Competitively.

Top news from the results of this tournament would be that our former champions, Bloodbath and Beyond, have effectively been dethroned! Our new top dogs to beat are the newly assembled team Wetshots, who had the chance to go up against our team of coaches. Suffice it to say that the coaches keep their streak alive of being undefeated! Perhaps one day there will be a team with the skill to uproot us, but that day is most likely still a ways away.

In other news, starting forth at Archers Arena there will be coach nights every Tuesday, which means that anyone can come in at 7 o’clock and stay after hours to play with/against coaches and members in a string of games that include a bunch of favourites as well as sometimes beta testing for new, up and coming game modes; all of that for only 20$.

Anyone who wishes to better themselves and have fun with some of our top members can come, and bring along their friends if they feel like challenging specific people, or teams! After all, there is no better way to grow than in the face of adversity, and this not only applies itself to combat archery, but in every aspect of life. We’re just here to help you along the way!