Coach and Refs (part-time & Full Time)

Being an Arena Coach is vital to the customer experience. You are expected to instruct Archers on game play, safety and rules. Engage in teaching Archers how to fire a bow properly and provide feedback on improving their skills. Execute on WoW experience strategy and make the most out each player's game. You will be the referee for each session. So be to ready scream.

· Teach Customers how to play Archery Tag, Fire a bow properly and ensure safety.

· Clean equipment, (bows, foam-tipped arrows, masks)

· Help maintain facility operations and cleanliness.

· Referee and supervise players during games.

· Take photos of customers

· Collect and provide customer feedback to marketing Team

· Day to day conflict resolution.

· You are the first line of defense for customer problems.

· Create and manage tournament and League for competitive players

· Create and involve customers on generating new game modes. (feedback)

· Facilitate marketing team

The following are the qualifications for the position:

Naturally Extroverted

· Customer oriented

· Polite courteous

· Must be able to think on your feet to create a WOW experience

· Excellent communication skills, leadership and public speaking experience

· Physical endurance, and athleticism

· Archery experience is an asset

· Humour is an asset

· First Aid Certificate is an asset

G Drivers License