Group Indoor Target Archery Range in Toronto

Equipment: 15 bl and 22 LBs draw weight re-curve bows are provided

Range length: 30-70 ft

90 Minute session

  • 30 Minute Expert Training

  • 60 Minutes of Target Range Challenges and Shooting

Balloons and Targets for Games included

Personal target sheets are available for take home for $2 each

Range reservation slots available to group of 8 shooters and more only:

Availability: Monday - Friday 10 am -8 pm By Appointment


All archers are required to have training class prior to time on the range to go over safety and shooting techniques. If archer has previously acquired training elsewhere, archer must be able to demonstrate range knowledge/standard archery safety and etiquette.

Archers Arena Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to unsafe clientele.

Examples of Target Archery Games

There are lots of novelty games you can play using regular 10 ring archery targets. Most of the games in this section use a 10 ring target, a few can be shot with a blank sheet of paper or no target.

Black Jack. Shoot as many arrows as you like, but don’t go over 21. Score the targets normally, 1-10 from the outer ring in. You can use the X-ring (the small ring inside the 10 ring ring) as an ace that is 1 or 11, archer’s choice.

Closest Arrow. Players shoot 3 arrows each. Closest individual arrow to the center wins. You can do a rough score using the rings, but an actual measurement to the center must be used if there are multiple arrows are in the highest scoring ring.

Closest Arrow Single Elimination. Single Elimination tournament. One arrow each head to head. Closest to the center wins.

Bowling. Shoot at a regular 10 ring target. 10 is a strike. If you miss the 10, you can shoot the ring that will make your score add up to ten as a spare. So if you hit a 6 you have to shoot a 4 to pick up the spare.

Save the Princess.Each individual or group must shoot white, black, blue, red and gold in order. They must get a white before they can move on to shooting a blue. They must not shoot the X, which is the Prince or Princess. Shooting the X is a scratch and the individual or archer loses the game. The game can be played on the same or separate targets for each individual or team. For groups it can be a speed relay round where one team member has to shoot white before the next can shoot black and so on; it can be alternating archers speed relay round, where each archer gets to shoot once and has to hand the bow of to the next team member regardless; or instead of a speed round, it can be alternating turns with each individual or team alternating with the other.

  • Variation: “Up, Up and Away.” Same game but by all ten rings rather than colors and the X isn’t a scratch.

Shrinking Target.Archers shoot ends of three arrows at the same target or large blank piece of paper. Arrows that miss are eliminated and can’t be shot in the next end. The target is folded in half and archers shoot again, and so on. The last archer with an arrow wins.

  • Variation: “Master of the Target.” Same as above, but using a standard 10 ring target. The target is shrunk by incrementally taking an outer ring (or outer color) out of play each end.

Split Target. 2-4 archers, or 2-4 teams. 3 arrows per individual shooter or team. A marker pen and straight edge is used to divide the target into equal pie wedges with one wedge assigned to each archer or team. (Don’t be afraid to break out your old school protractor if you are dividing the target into thirds.) Ends are shot normally. Arrows, including opponents arrows, count for the owner of the wedge.