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Online Tickets must be Purchased 24 hours in advance.

Drop-ins Today,  call for availability

Unpublished times maybe available call to ask.

Gift Card, Vouchers and Play-pass - Enter numbers as PROMOTIONAL CODE Code to redeem.

Players who arrive more than 20 min. late WILL NOT be allowed to participate.

Cancellation Policy:

  1. No-shows/ cancellations within 24 hours of booking will be ineligible for store credit or refund.

  2. Bookings between 24 hours until 6 days prior of reserved session will be granted 1 reschedule of booking.

  3. We offer 100% refund for bookings cancelled 6 days prior to reserved session.

  4. In case of Cancellations on bookings with promotions. The promotion may become ineligible or Pro-Rated Based on individual Promotion Conditions.

  5. Bookings using Credit, Vouchers, or Playpass are FINAL bookings unless agreed upon by Archers Arena Management.

We are the number 1 provider of Archery Tag in Toronto, since we introduced Nerf Wars in Toronto we brought the best games and guns available.  People love our interpretation of Archery Dodgeball Toronto with the sniper towers and being able to rain arrows down on the enemy. We have over 47 Game modes and also provide the LARPing community a place to duke it out.